Video – What’s The Point?

How’s it going? My name’s Tom and I’m the founder of Portal Imagery.

Welcome to the start of the blog.

I want to show you exactly how you can use video in a way that’s going to actually make a difference to your business – whether it’s an internal video for your employees, an animated explainer video on your homepage or an advert on television.

First I need to address why and how video actually works. That’s what this first post is about – Why use it in the first place? Why splash the extra cash? What’s the point?

These are valid questions, and video isn’t appropriate for every business and every situation.

So let’s start at the fundamentals. Video is a form of communication.

Communication is:

“the successful conveying or sharing of ideas and feelings”

“the imparting or exchanging of information”

With this in mind, why use video to communicate?

First up, it is rich. Both audibly and visually, a lot of information, ideas and feelings can be “conveyed” or “imparted” in a short space of time. Especially when compared to just using text and images.

(Ironically, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, I’m bringing this information to you via …text. Don’t worry, text has its uses – but more on that in a later post.)

This means video has the ability to do a lot of the fantastic things that face to face communication can – impact emotionally, teach effectively, and impart information visually and clearly.

Secondly, because of this richness and a few other factors such as passive engagement, it captures and retains people’s attention.

Multiple studies have proven this. For example, a study by Comscore shows that video holds people’s attention by an average of 3-5 minutes longer.

Finally, within this extra time that is created, video can build an immense amount of connection and therefore trust.

So whats the purpose behind using video in business?

Refining this down as much as I can, it is to:

1) Build a connection

2) Achieve an outcome

Ultimately, it’s as simple as that.

I find it amazing how you can connect with someone through video to the point that when you meet them, it feels like you already know them personally. And this is powerful stuff in a world where business is all about people and relationships.

Some time ago I remember finding myself on the receiving end of this effect, as a prospect. I was browsing the web for business courses, when I stumbled upon a site that really resonated with me. It was no coincidence that this “resonance” or “connection” was sparked, and then nurtured, through video. The course founder captured my attention and interest using video on his homepage and blog. He educated and inspired me over a couple of weeks using video in his email newsletter. When I bought the course, he taught me and the others about how to run a successful business using video as the platform for the training.

When I actually met him in person it was quite a surreal experience. Each video had built not only more of a connection with me, but it had also achieved a desired outcome. The homepage video got me to sign up to a newsletter, the email videos built trust and got me to buy the course, and the training videos, well, taught me (a lot).

In my opinion, using video is the most powerful form of online business communication out there. Use it smartly to build a connection, and achieve a desired outcome. This is why at Portal Imagery we are so adamant in asking potent and revealing questions such as ‘what is the exact purpose of this video?’, and ‘specifically, who is this targeted towards?’

You’d be surprised as to how many businesses haven’t thought this through.

Whether you’re selling socks to mums or selling software to corporations, here’s to using video to build connections, and achieve outcomes.