Connect your brand with your audience in 90 seconds.

Video that reaches out. Our compelling animation helps you explain your ideas and build trust faster and more powerfully. We have a 100% client satisfaction rate, and are with you from the beginning until the end.


Need a way to bring brands to life, explain ideas engagingly and connect with audiences?

Branding is fun, creative and challenging. But sometimes a logo, visual identity and even a change in thinking doesn’t provide a brand with enough ‘stickiness’. The Velcro Theory of Memory* explains this well: the more sensory “hooks” we can put into an idea, the better it will stick.

Portal Imagery helps you to connect brands with audiences using captivating animation and motion graphics. By including smart video in your strategy, your ideas become more sticky, because more sensory information equals more “hooks”. We love explaining ideas just as much as we love animation – so we’re with you every step of the way.

  • Capture attention FAST and get more people connecting with the brand.

  • Use tailored animation to reinforce and enhance the brand.

  • Be consulted on the uses of the video in the marketing of the brand – we over deliver so you can too.


With Portal Imagery You Get:


State of the art visuals that capture your prospect’s attention and visually explain your business.

A great script to give your perfect pitch, gain interest and create a powerful connection


A crisp voice over and professional sound to help show personality and build trust

Businesses all around the world are harnessing the power of online video.

  • Drop box went from 0 to 100 million customers in just 5 years by harnessing the power of a website that drew all the attention to a great video.
  • Marketing guru Seth Godin says that 1 minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.
  • 46% of people who watch a video say they will share it online. This is great news for your online marketing – use video and it doesn’t just become more powerful than ever, it’s also free.
  • When businesses included video in their email marketing, click through rates increased by 55%. (emarketer)

The facts speak for themselves


Within this two minutes, a video from Portal Imagery will capture attention, connect with your prospects, build trust, and inspire them to reach out to you.
This is why 64% of people are more likely to purchase an item after watching video. (comscore)
Just imagine if you had an amazing salesman who gave the perfect pitch for your business to every single person who visited your site – a great video does this around the clock, leaving you to focus on doing what you enjoy.
Dr. Paul O'Reilly

Dr. Paul O'Reilly

MSc Deputy Programme Leader / King's College London

We needed a video that would both sell our masters course and provide information for potential students - we knew that an explainer video could work well but we hadn't imagined how fantastic it could be! The video was absolutely perfect. Portal Imagery were incredibly easy to work with, extremely efficient and professional, and had great intuition for what would work in the video. You're guaranteed a fantastic service and an amazing video if you choose Portal Imagery.

Scott Baptie

Scott Baptie

Tom provided my company Food For Fitness with an extremely professional explainer video for our website. Our goal was to provide prospective clients with more information about the personalised nutrition packages we offer. From the initial contact to the planning stages to the final product, Tom provided an excellent service and I would have no reservations recommending his work.

Jamie O'Reilly

Jamie O'Reilly

At Morph we were looking for a way to better communicate our wide range of services in a clear and simple way. We needed to clearly set out the benefits of our services succinctly and simply and Portal Imagery were able to help us do precisely that. Their process was quick and efficient and they are great listeners too. The approach was creative and collaborative and we were delighted with the final result. We would happily recommend Portal Imagery to our clients.

Doug Shaw

Doug Shaw

Founder and CEO / What Goes Around

Portal Imagery provided a clear proposal and clear brief, and were on time, every time, with great communication and creative interpretation of stories and ideas. They were friendly and easy to work with - good attention to detail, responsive, creative and clear. They kept things moving without nagging, provided a great interpretation and made sure I was happy with what they did for me. The video is a different way of explaining who I am and what I’m about. It’s short, clear, and a great mix of words and pictures.

Julu Irvine

Julu Irvine

Manager / No Man's Grace

I would highly recommend using Portal Imagery. The whole experience was great and the end product is exactly what we wanted. Having such a professionally shot video on our website lifts our profile substantially and allows us to introduce people to the ethos behind our restaurant. It is a great piece of marketing which will lead to more visitors and an increased revenue. This kind of marketing boost is invaluable!

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